Spring Savings at Commonwealth Garden

SAVE $$   This week save 20% on all Vegetable Starts

This is the perfect opportunity to try something new like Green Zebra tomato or our “Favorite” – Fantastic (Yes, the flavor is “fantastic”). 

Word on the street from one of our “Older” therefore experienced customers is that 5 Star Grape is the perfect tomato for drying.  They are tiny so dry quickly & have a wonderful, sweet, tangy flavor.  (Granny’s gonna have to try this)

Also, the Harvest Supreme sale continues until May 31.  Buy 3 and get one FREE.  $8.99 a 2 cu. ft. bag and with the sale works out to approximately $6.20 per bag.  Harvest Supreme is a soil amendment that includes chicken manure, bat guano & more.  Add organic matter to your clay soil & feed the microscopic organisms necessary for plant growth.

See you in the Garden! Granny Organic


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