Spring Savings at Commonwealth Garden

SAVE $$   This week save 20% on all Vegetable Starts

This is the perfect opportunity to try something new like Green Zebra tomato or our “Favorite” – Fantastic (Yes, the flavor is “fantastic”). 

Word on the street from one of our “Older” therefore experienced customers is that 5 Star Grape is the perfect tomato for drying.  They are tiny so dry quickly & have a wonderful, sweet, tangy flavor.  (Granny’s gonna have to try this)

Also, the Harvest Supreme sale continues until May 31.  Buy 3 and get one FREE.  $8.99 a 2 cu. ft. bag and with the sale works out to approximately $6.20 per bag.  Harvest Supreme is a soil amendment that includes chicken manure, bat guano & more.  Add organic matter to your clay soil & feed the microscopic organisms necessary for plant growth.

See you in the Garden! Granny Organic


2012-2013 Local Pages – the Independent Choice

We are accepting listings for the 2012-2013 Local Pages Guide to independent businesses and small farms in Douglas County. Let us tell you what sets us apart from the others …

The Independent Choice

We are the original, grassroots business association that works for your best interest. We are a project of NeighborWorks Umpqua, a community development non-profit. Every dollar donated is invested back into your business through marketing, advertising and public outreach.

Who’s looking at you?

Local citizens who want to support independent business, receive quality products and exceptional customer service are looking for you. Tourists visiting the area want a unique experience and they want to know where the “locals” go. They’ll find you in one of the 10,000 guides that are printed and distributed throughout the county each June. We insert 5,000 copies for distribution in our independent newspaper. The remaining guides are distributed at chambers, visitor’s centers and community events.

Independent Business Listings

We offer printed listings that include information about your business and how your efforts benefit the community. Your online listing includes your logo, contact information, bio and map so customers can easily find you. We don’t ask you to commit to “deals” that are a loss for your business.

The Think Local Umpqua Brand

When you list with us, people know you are dedicated to building a better community for all of us to work and play. This non-competitive nature is the cornerstone of what we do. Working together, we all achieve more.


We can help you compete on a small marketing budget. We don’t work on commission or for-profit so are fees are reasonable. $120 for an ENTIRE YEAR of membership! Still too much? You can place a listing in the guide for just $45 by clicking on the link.

Join us!

Experience the Think Local Umpqua difference. Email info@thinklocalumpqua.com or call 541-673-4909 with questions.

National Agriculture Day – March 8th

Advertising Special with the News Review:

The News Review will have quite a few stories related to agriculture on that day in the paper, and we are offering a special color rate: $18.46/column inch. This is a great opportunity for Ag. related businesses to advertise with DIRECTLY related content! Interested? Contact Ben Kenfield, Account Manager, The News-Review ph. 541.957.4262or email bkenfield@nrtoday.com.

Fun Facts:

  • The apples from one tree can fill 20 boxes every year.
  • The name asparagus comes from the Greek language and means “sprout” or “shoot.”
  • There are over 500 different types of bananas. That means if you ate a different kind of banana everyday, it would take almost a year and a half to eat every one!
  • Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D.
  • The same chemicals that give tart cherries their color may relieve pain better than aspirin and ibuprofen in humans.

Learn more: www.agday.org

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